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Experience the precision and durability of Varenkor's high-quality sintered diamond burrs, designed for superior performance in dental, jewelry, and industrial applications.

Diamond burs Tools

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sintered diamond burs with metallic

Sintered Diamond Burs with Metallic Binder

Our solid sintered diamonds (SSD) are professional tools of highest quality replacing many quantities of cutting or other grinding tools. The tools are available in 9 different grits and on shanks with diameter 2.35mm, 3.0 mm & 6.0 mm.

Sintered Diamond Burs with Ceramic Binder

The Keramos V-II diamond tools are soft ceramic bonded tools. They have extreme aggressive grinding powder and do not heat up. We offer 3 different grits on 2.35mm shanks.

Diamond Burs with Silicon Binder

The SDR are high quality polishing diamond tools with silicon binder for high shining polish at 5-8 micron. The shank diameter is 2.35 mm. The tool has a universal polishing use.

Diamond Discs

We offer you 3 different types of high quality diamond discs. Each one has a different constitution, depending on its application field. The discs are extremely aggressive and are available on shanks with diameter 2.35mm & 3.0 mm.

Diamond Paste & Cleaning Stone

Our 10 ml diamond polishing paste (available in 11 different grits!) is of very high diamond concentration and gives a quick shining in few moments. The crème like bond is water based.

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