Ceramic Cylindric Flat Diamond Bur

Discover the Ceramic Cylindric Flat Diamond Bur, a user-friendly and high-performance diamond tool designed to simplify your grinding tasks. Its unique flat cylindrical shape and ceramic sintered diamond construction offer precise, powerful grinding on ceramics and abrasive materials. Experience efficient, versatile, and cool operation with this must-have addition to your toolkit.


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Experience the efficiency and reliability with our Ceramic Cylindric Flat Diamond Bur. It’s a diamond tool made for smooth grinding. It effortlessly handles very abrasive and hard materials. Result? A seamless user experience for all skill levels.

Key Features:

  • Unique Cylindric Flat Shape: Enhances grinding abilities. The flat cylindrical design means accurate grinding on ceramic materials and others. It’s built for precision.
  • Quality Material Composition: Built with top-grade Ceramic Sintered Diamond Burs. This ensures efficient grinding without the need for water or other reductions. Importantly, it grinds aggressiveness but stays cool.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool: Our Ceramic Cylindric Flat Diamond Bur is versatile. It works for many different tasks, providing more value. It also comes in different shapes for varied jobs.
  • Ideal Diamond Grit Size: The diamond grit size is fine to medium-fine. As a result, you can use it for various tasks without compromising quality.

In conclusion, our Ceramic Cylindric Flat Diamond Bur simplifies grinding jobs. Add this specialist product to your toolkit to increase your grinding speed and ease.

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