Diamond Paste

A premium diamond paste polishing compound designed to deliver a flawless and long-lasting shine on various materials with high concentration and fine grit size. Easy to apply and perfect for multiple industries.



Diamond Paste: The Ultimate Grinding and Polishing Solution

Elevate your precision grinding and polishing processes with our top-quality Paste. With a comprehensive range of Micron Grit options, it delivers exceptional performance, durability, and consistency for various applications. Unlock the secret to flawlessly smooth and shiny surfaces.

What is diamond paste?

Also known as a diamond compound, it is a mixture of diamond particles and a liquid, typically oil-based. It is used for grinding and polishing hard surfaces such as metals, ceramics, and glass. The paste is graded based on the size of the diamond particles, with larger particles usually used for rough grinding and smaller particles for fine polishing.

Is used in industrial applications, jewelry making, and the sharpening of tools.

Superior Performance and Versatility

Micron Grit Range

Our diamond polishing paste offers an array of Micron Grit sizes, each meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding results. The Micron Grit sizes are represented by Colour Codes, providing a diverse selection to cater to grinding and polishing requirements.

  • Grey1 (0-0.25 Micron Grit): Perfect for achieving ultra-smooth finishes on delicate materials.
  • Grey2 (0-0.5 Micron Grit): Provides exceptional precision and control for intricate grinding and polishing tasks.
  • Grey3 (0-1 Micron Grit): Balancing fine surface finish and material removal, Grey3 is a versatile options for various applications.
  • Grey4 (0-2 Micron Grit): Ideal for achieving smooth surfaces with increased material removal on a wide range of materials.
  • Grey5 (2-4 Micron Grit): Suitable for more aggressive grinding and polishing operations with optimal material removal capabilities.
  • Grey6 (4-8 Micron Grit): Removes deeper scratches and imperfections effectively, making it ideal for initial grinding stages.
  • Grey7 (8-12 Micron Grit): Levels surfaces and prepares them for a flawless finish with a moderate material removal rate.
  • Grey8 (12–22 Micron Grit): Delivers consistent results on various materials, making it an excellent general-purpose option.
  • Purple (22-36 Micron Grit): Suitable for achieving a smooth finish on more complex materials with efficient material removal.
  • White (45-55 Micron Grit): Perfect for refining surfaces, removing fine scratches, and achieving a glossy finish on multiple materials.
  • Yellow (50-60 Micron Grit): Offers controlled material removal and surface refinement for precision polishing.

How to use diamond polishing paste

To effectively use diamond polishing paste, start by preparing the surface to be polished. Make sure it is clean and free from any dirt or debris. Apply a small amount of the paste, using diamond paste, onto a cloth or polishing pad. Gently rub the paste onto the surface using circular motions. Apply light to moderate pressure, allowing the diamond particles to work their magic in smoothing and polishing the surface. Continue polishing until you achieve the desired shine. Finally, wipe off any excess paste and admire the brilliant results of your diamond polishing efforts.

Unparalleled Quality

Our pastes contains premium-quality diamond particles suspended in a high-quality carrier, ensuring consistent and uniform distribution of abrasive particles. This results in precise and predictable outcomes with exceptional surface finishes. Experience superior efficiency and accuracy.

Outstanding Features

  • Exceptional Cutting Ability: Our products’ carefully selected diamond particles provide precise material removal and optimal surface finish.
  • Consistency and Durability: Maintains its performance and consistency, delivering exceptional results over extended periods of use.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for metals, ceramics, glass, and semiconductors, our product offers versatility and consistent outcomes across different materials.
  • Ease of Use: With a smooth and uniform consistency, it is easy to apply and spreads evenly for better control and accuracy during polishing and grinding operations.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Save valuable time and effort, thanks to its excellent cutting ability and uniform particle distribution, reducing processing time.
  • High-Quality Standards: adheres to strict quality standards, ensuring a superior product for your needs.


Revolutionize your grinding and polishing processes with our exceptional product. Achieve impeccable surface finishes with unmatched performance, consistency, and durability. Please choose from our wide range of Micron Grit options, each designed to provide specific benefits for your application. Invest in this high-quality product and unlock the potential to create perfectly smooth and shiny surfaces. trust our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Transform your grinding and polishing processes today with our Paste. Experience the difference!

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