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Inverted cones are an excellent choice for a variety of applications. They have a high cutting speed, long life and are easy to use. The benefits of using inverted cones include:

  • High Cutting Speed – Inverted cones can be used at high speeds because they have a large contact area with the workpiece which allows them to cut quickly. This makes them ideal for machining hard materials such as tungsten carbide, steel and cast iron.
  • Long Life – Inverted cone burs are made from sintered diamond which has a much greater hardness than natural diamonds so they will last longer than other types of burs (up to 10 times longer). This means less time spent changing burs during your operation!
    In addition, there is no need for lubrication when using this type of burr as its surface is covered in metal particles which act like ball bearings between the tool and workpiece surfaces allowing frictionless movement during use without any loss of efficiency or accuracy over time due to wear & tear caused by friction between opposing surfaces.”

Types of Inverted Cone

Inverted Cone Sintered Diamond Burs with Metallic Binder
There are many different types of Inverted Cone Sintered Diamond Burs with Metallic Binder, each with their own unique properties. The most common shapes are round, square and rectangular. The size of the bur will depend on the application it is being used for, but generally speaking they range from 0.5mm – 1mm in diameter and 1mm – 2mm in length.

The material used to make these burs varies depending on what you want them for; some examples include: tungsten carbide (WC), cobalt chrome steel alloy (CoCr) or stainless steel (SS). In addition to having different materials available for purchase; there are also coatings available such as TiCN or DLC which help increase longevity and durability while also providing additional benefits such as lubrication or corrosion resistance respectively

Applications of Inverted Cone Sintered Diamond Burs with Metallic Binder

Inverted cone sintered diamond burs with metallic binder are used in a variety of industries, including the dental, automotive and aerospace industries.
In the dental industry they’re used to shape and polish teeth. They can also be used to remove calculus from teeth or make impressions of teeth for dentures. In addition to this they can be used as a cutting tool during surgery on soft tissue such as gums or tongue.

Advantages of Inverted Cone Sintered

The advantages of inverted cone sintered diamond burs with metallic binder are:

  • High strength and durability. The sintered diamond is made of special materials, which can increase the hardness of diamonds. This makes the cutting edge to be more durable than traditional ones, so you can use them for longer periods of time without having to worry about replacing them often.
  • Longer life span. The high quality material used in making this type of bur will allow it to last much longer than other types available on the market today, giving you more value for your money when compared against other products that may cost less initially but require replacement sooner due to wear-and-tear issues over time (or lack thereof).


The main disadvantage of inverted cone sintered diamond burs with metallic binder is their susceptibility to corrosion. This means that they require regular maintenance, which can be time-consuming and costly.
In addition, these burs are not suitable for high-precision applications because their rough surface causes them to wear out quickly when used on hard materials such as ceramics or metals.


Inverted Cone Sintered Diamond Burs with Metallic Binder are a great option for surgeons looking to increase the longevity of their burs. These burs have a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased strength and durability
  • Reduced wear on the cutting edge
  • High polishability
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